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Natural Teeth Whitening and Ja'bodi BLACK MINT

The teeth are comprised of three layers: the enamel ( the outermost layer), the dentin ( the porous middle layer) and the pulp ( the inner most layer containing nerves and blood vessels).  The enamel and dentin layer can be stained by different foods, activities and biological conditions ( food pigments, smoking, coffee, teas, antibiotics, metal fillings, genetics, aging, excess fluoride).  Overall a range of chromagens ( teeth staining chemicals) found in the food and activities mentioned) can act as causative agents for teeth stains.  The removal of chromagens involves chemical disruptions to their bonding to proteins and mineralized structures within the enamel and dentin layers.  Additionally, the removal of chromagens should not be harsh on the mineral layer of the enamel.  Elements need to be provided that supports mineralization of the enamel layer.  This is an important factor to not stripping enamel to expose more of the dentin layer.   

Ja'bodi  Black Mint is our all natural formulation for teething whitening and cleansing.  We have developed our product to maintain the enamel layer while  gently removing chromagens from the enamel and dentin layers. 



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