Ja’bodi BLACK MINT Teeth Scrub is an all natural formulation developed

to remove tannins ( a discoloring agent found in various foods) and other 

discolorating elements affecting the enamel.  The formulation contains, 

gogji berry and volcanic ash to provide gentle scrub, anti-oxidant 

and anti-bacterial protection.  Additionally, the calcium and magnesium ratio 

has been optimized to support mineralization and limit tooth sensitivity.


Use:  Teeth whitener and cleanser. Brush twice a day.


          Dip a toothbrush into BLACK MINT with just enough to cover 

          the toothbrush.


          Brush for 2-3 minutes then rinse liberally with water.


Contents: Volcanic ash, charcoal, peppermint oil, 

Gogji berry powder, anthcyanin(blue pea flower)xylitol,

hydrogen peroxide, calcium, magnesium


Store at room temperature




Jabodi BLACK MINT Teeth Scrub