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Jabodi is created for the relaxation and health of your body.  The first formulation of Jabodi was created by Dr. Gary Gabriel in 2018.  It focused on specific skin nutrients and essential fatty acids to address winter dryness (ash) affecting  skin of color. The second generation of that formulation was developed to affect anti-inflammatory conditions in the oil layer of the stratum corneum layer. Since then, a range of specialized skin formulations have been developed for a broad range of skin types and skin conditions.    These formulations aid wound healing, reduce inflammation and restore the natural oil composition of the skin.


Inspired by his partner to include the infusion of anti-anxiety lavender, Dr. Gabriel has included a range of olfactory neuroactives to establish unique aromatherapy features into the third generation of Jabodi products.  As we advance our products we are combining the science of skin biology with olfactory neurochemistry to bring products that affect our mood and connection to ourselves and to one another.  


We are a biology company bringing you products designed for health of the skin and relaxation of the mind.

Ja'bodi Natural Products Senior Leadership

Gary Gabriel, Ph. D. - Chief Scientific  and Product Officer, Founder

Lisa Giannini - Chief Operations Officer, Founder

Robin Parson  - Senior Director, Public Relations 

Harris Parson - Executive Director,  Media

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