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Therapeutic Healing and Recovery Formulas 

New and existing tattoo art has a range of challenges.  New tattoos need care processes that can accommodate optimal healing, skin protection and maintenance of tattoo resolution.  Existing tattoos subjected to fading ( due to chronological and photo aging) need preparations that can reduce both insults.   Both fading conditions produce reactive oxygen species ( ROS) that affect chemical structures and bonds in and outside of tattoo areas.  Additionally, protection to a broad range of tattoo inks is important.

A portion of tattoo inks use trace metals, polycyclic amines, photoactive aromatics and other chemical compounds that can affect a range of biological processes in the body.   Protective measures are critical for many inflammatory and carcinogenic compounds found in some tattoo inks.

We have developed a range of tattoo healing, activation and preservation preparations using a range of proprietary fatty acids and natural small molecules.  Our Jabodi tattoo preparations of Miguels Tattoo Therapy provide advances for wound healing, protection and activation.

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