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Welcome to Ja'Bodi. Our products are scientifically designed around aromatherapy and skin biology.   We have designed revolutionary, all natural self care products that connect into your mind, body and spirit.


These plant based formulas are based on the biochemistry of key fatty acids and the way these molecules affect skin and hair restoration in humans and animals. Additionally, we have infused natural aromatics that give our products relaxing mood enhancing features.        

  • Our Latest Products: ​​​

    • PET THERAPY - our newest product line of scientifically designed anti-inflammatory and skin nutrient products for pets

    • Sun Day - our advanced, all natural sunscreen and insect repellent

Our Products

Black Seed Body Butters

Jabodi ROSE 600ppi.png
JABODI Honeysuckle Transparent Backgroun
JABODI Lavender 2 Square.png
Jabodi BUTTERFLY 600ppi.png
Image 7-19-20 at 11.30 PM.jpg
JABODI wButter.png
Jabodi EARTHWOOD on white.png
Image 7-14-20 at 9.54 PM.jpg
Image 7-15-20 at 6.40 PM (1).jpg
Jabodi BODY on white.png
Image 7-14-20 at 9.53 PM.jpg
Image 10-4-20 at 9.09 PM.jpg



Black Seed Soaps


Image 10-1-20 at 8.32 PM.jpg
Image 10-1-20 at 8.34 PM.jpg
Image 10-1-20 at 8.33 PM.jpg
Image 10-1-20 at 8.35 PM.jpg
Image 10-2-20 at 6.27 PM.jpg
Image 10-2-20 at 6.26 PM.jpg
Image 10-2-20 at 6.24 PM.jpg
Image 10-2-20 at 6.25 PM.jpg

Black Seed Deodorants

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