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PT 5 ( Pet Therapy Coat Oil ) is an advanced, all natural  and 

skin and hair formulation for your pet.  We have developed a 

proprietary oil blend of 5 key plant oils that contain omega 3 and 6, 

thymoquinone, hydrodioxyquinone, nigellimine and broad spectrum

terpenes. PT5 also contains Vitamin A and E. This formulation is 

ideal for protection against dry skin,scaling, bacterial skin infections 

and other skin inflammatory conditions. Additionally is an excellent 

wound healing accelerator. 


Apply PT5 in the palm of your hands and then massage deep into your 

pet’s the skin and hair


Contents: Plant oil blend, Liquid Soap, Vitamin E and Vitamin A  

                 Black Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil


Store at room temperature.


Pet Therapy Coat Oil