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Ja’bodi BodiRUB Rose is an all natural exfoliating,skin repair 

preparation.  The comblination of black seed oil, chamomile 

tea leaves and hemp seed oil infused with aromatherapy rose oil leave the skin revived.  BodiRUB is optimized for skin repair.


Use:  Stand on a towel or rubber floor mat within the bathing 

area.  Apply BodiRUB to the skin in a soft circular motion. 

When done,rinse with warm water.  Then use Ja’Bodi BodiBricks 

Shea soap.  Rinse the skin and then pat dry with a cotton towel. 

Clean the bathing area of BodiRUB


Contents: Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Avacado Oil,

Aromatherapy Plant Oil, Chamomile Tea


Store at room temperature.

Ja'bodi BodiRUB. Rose

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