Ja’bodi BodiRUB Earthwood is an all natural exfoliating,skin repair preparation.  The comblination of black seed oil, chamomile tea leaves and hemp seed oil infused with aromatherapy plant oils ( teakwood, cedarwood, myrrh, frankincense,lemon oil) leave the skin revived.  BodiRUB is optimized for skin repair.


Use:  Stand on a towel or rubber floor mat within the bathing 

area.  Apply BodiRUB to the skin in a soft circular motion. 

When done,rinse with warm water.  Then use Ja’Bodi BodiBricks 

Shea soap.  Rinse the skin and then pat dry with a cotton towel. 

Clean the bathing area of BodiRUB


Contents: Hemp Seed Oil, Black Seed Oil, Avacado Oil,

Clary Sage Oil,  Brazilian Orange Oil,Chamomile Tea


Store at room temperature.

Ja’bodi BodiRUB. Earthwood

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